Freezer Filling

Sweet Pea Fish Pie

Cooking is without a doubt one of my favourite things to do for the families I support.

There is so much that I do as postnatal doula that is helpful and filling a new family's with a fridge or freezer full of delicious food that is also nutritious is at the top of the list. 

I advocate eating lighter meals in the beginning. Heng Ou explains in her book The First Forty Days:

'After the energetic expenditure of birth and almost ten months of of having your abdomen organs pushed into a tighter space, your digestion is considered to be a little slower and weaker than normal, so it's time to eat gently for a while before back into high gear.'

When you're ready and feeling like something a bit more filling, this fish pie is great.

Recipe of the week - Tray Bake Chicken

One of the things I'm often doing for my current doula client during a visit is cooking up yummy food that her and partner can eat when I'm not there. As a result I've been going through my cookbooks and pulling together my go to recipes that are nutritious, easy to make, easy to reheat and delicious.