Recipe of the week - Tray Bake Chicken


One of the things I'm often doing for my current doula client during a visit is cooking up yummy food that her and partner can eat when I'm not there. As a result I've been going through my cookbooks and pulling together my go-to recipes that are nutritious, easy to make, easy to reheat and delicious.

My client had a great idea and suggested that I put together a list of dishes and ingredients so she can through the list every week, decide what she'd like me to cook and do an online grocery order so everything is delivered and ready and waiting for me to turn into something yummy.

I've made Jamie Oliver's Hit 'n' Run Traybaked Chicken a few times now and it's definitely going into my shortlist of go-to recipes for both my doula clients and my own family. The recipe calls for chicken thighs but I substituted with chicken breasts when I made it this week and it works just as well. It smells ah-maaaaa-zing and is full of good for you veg and protein. It's delicious served with crusty bread or brown rice and a side salad. If you're doing any batch cooking it's also a good one to make ahead of time and pop it in the freezer so all you have to do is re-heat and enjoy.

Cooking is one of my favourite things for my doula clients. If you love the idea of having a postnatal doula who can prepare delicious and nutritious food get in touch. I'd love to help make sure your fridge and freezer are well stocked and you're well fed and have the start to motherhood that you deserve!