Some of the lovely things my clients have had to say:

Doula Clients

'Sarah is made for this work. She was very patient and accommodating, and willing to help with whatever I needed to feel less overwhelmed. She's great with the little one and a fantastic cook! I highly recommend Sarah and wish I could have held on to her longer myself!'

'Sarah was a lifeline for us! She has a very friendly and calm personality. I liked that she had two small children herself and so had recent, first hand knowledge.'

'Sarah was a reassuring influence and wise council during those early weeks with our first child.
Her relaxed personality meant we were instantly comfortable with our new born baby and felt we could ask for guidance on endless topics. Hearing a reassuring "Its totally normal" was just what was needed and we'll be forever thankful for.'

'Sarah is fantastic. I wasn’t planning on looking for a doula, then when my daughter was six weeks old we suddenly needed some help. Sarah is warm, calm, and so very knowledgeable about getting everyone back on track after a new baby. I can’t recommend her highly enough, and would be happy to talk to anyone who has questions about our experience.'

'I was very happy to have Sarah. She was supportive, made helpful suggestions and helped me answer general queries about the baby. I would happily recommend her!'

'Sarah is an incredibly caring, thoughtful and patient doula. She listens to your needs and adapts her services to suit each individual. Having Sarah as a sounding board really helped me as a first time mum and allowed me for a couple of hours a week to catch up on my personal admin as well as keep on top of my home. Sarah is trustworthy and someone I would highly recommend to anyone considering a doula.'

'Sarah is very kind, patient and wise. She really helped us settle into life with our baby and I wish we could have had her for longer. She was great with our son and taught me a lot. I highly recommend.'

Mothermoon Workshop

'I had a fantastic time at the Mothermoon workshop. I learnt lots of ways to take care of myself not just physically but emotionally. I'm going to try my best to put them into practice when the baby arrives.  
Sarah puts you at ease and creates a safe space for you to share your fears. 
I left feeling more confident in coping with the first 6 weeks after the birth!
Thank you again!'

'Thank you Thank you! Fantastic session Sarah on Sunday, really helped me gain an understanding of what to expect and how to look after myself and baby in the first 4-6 weeks.' 

'I recently attended a Mothermoon Workshop and found the lovely Sarah to be incredibly wise and well-resourced, helping me to take the time to focus on an important post-birth plan which left me feeling much more informed and confident about the upcoming care and management of my own postnatal wellbeing as well as that of the rest of our little family. This being my second child, it helped me to appreciate there are alternatives to the experience I had with my first, and that i deserve and can create these changes with this info as a tool-kit! It was a lovely session full of warmth, helpful discussions, and encouragement - and I also especially look forward to trying out some of the nourishing recipes provided in the generous goody bag. Many thanks and I strongly recommend!!'