first forty days

New mums need to be selfish

Growing a human, giving birth and parenting a child is the ultimate act of selflessness. You give over your body for nine months to nourishing and growing your baby. Once your baby is born, you feel like your heart is walking around outside your body.

You have this tiny human who is completely reliant on you. You are responsible for keeping them alive and helping them to thrive. We live in a culture that praises selflessness, particularly when it comes to mothers and this needs to change.

New mothers need to be selfish.

Mothermoons - how it all began

I spent yesterday morning with a fantastic group of women speaking at The Circle for Women's Vitality's event Happy Mummy, Happy Family where I got to talk about why it's so important for new mothers to take a 'mothermoon' after they've had a baby.

What I didn't do yesterday was share my why.  

Why I feel so passionate about changing the culture around how we support new mothers, why I’m passionate about the work I do as a postnatal doula and why I want to start a postnatal revolution.

It started as these things usually do with my own experience.