Five gifts a new mum ACTUALLY needs

I was with a doula client the other week who's home was filled with loads of gorgeous flowers. While I was there I unleashed my inner florist and changed the water and pulled out the wilting flowers to freshen up the bouquets. It was something I was more than happy to tick off the to-do list for them but it got me thinking about gifts that a new mum actually needs.

Things that are going to make life a little bit easier.
Things that will help her rest and recover and feel special. 
Things that will help her feel held, nourished and nurtured. 

Here are my top five new parent gift ideas. If you know someone who is pregnant, bookmark this list and refer to it when you're shopping for a gift and if you're pregnant share it whenever someone asks if there's anything you'd like or need for the baby!

1. Postnatal doula

Ok, so being a postnatal doula, I'm obviously biased but this is an incredible gift to get for new parents. You're giving the gift unconditional support. You're giving them a confidante a cook, a cheerleader and a cleaner all rolled in to one. Some would even say you're giving the gift of an angel (yes this is how I have been referred to on several occasions!) This would be a great group gift and if she's already chosen a doula you could arrange to pay the doula directly or purchase vouchers from Doula UK which she can redeem towards her doulas fees. 

2. Care package

You could make your own basket filled with goodies like one of my clients who received a package from a friend filled with everything she might need for the day three hormone swing when your milk comes. It included things like tissues, nipple cream, breast pads and a giant bar of galaxy chocolate in a handy little basket that she now uses to keep all her breastfeeding essentials (read: mostly snacks) in one place. If you'd rather leave the work to someone else, there are lots of fab options for care packages designed specifically for pregnant and new mums. The Mother BoxDon't Buy Her Flowers and Mum's Back are a few that are out there.

3. Self-care treatment

Nine months spent growing a baby and then giving birth is hard work and can takes it's toll on the body. A nurturing bodywork treatment like a postnatal massage or closing the bones would be well received by a new mum. Lots of practitioners do home visits so she can be pampered without having to leave the comfort of her home! 

4. Encouragement

For a little dose of 'you've got this' on those hard days, I love Vicki Rivard's gorgeous book Brave New Mama. It's full of gorgeous poems that have been described as tiny little doulas. For a pick me up that will fit in her pocket, the Yes Mum affirmations cards are perfect!

5. Food

Food is always a good choice and depending how handy (or not) you are in the kitchen you've got lots of options. You could cook a lasagna, soup or stew and help fill their freezer yourself or you can gift the lucky parents with vouchers from somewhere like Cook (who also offer 10% for new parents).

Is there anything you would add to list of must have gifts for new parents?