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Mothermoon Workshop

You've written your birth plan, taken antenatal classes, practiced your hypnobirthing techniques but have you thought about what happens after you've given birth?

I had two very different postnatal experiences after the births of my children and know first hand the difference that looking after yourself during this time can make or your physical and emotional health and to your confidence as a mother.

After the birth of my son, I tried jumping back into ‘normal’ life again too quickly which resulted in feeling tired and sore and left me feeling emotionally low. It took a long time to feel healthy and well again.

When my daughter was born, I planned a 'mothermoon'. For the first few weeks after she was born I focused on resting, nourishing myself and getting to know my new baby and I felt so much better for it both physically and emotionally.

I want you to experience the benefits of a 'mothermoon' too!

I want you to spend the early days and weeks of your new baby's life focused on resting and bonding with your new baby.

I want you want to start motherhood confident in your abilities as a mother.

The Mothermoon Workshop will teach you what you need to know about resting and recovering after giving birth and adjusting to life as a new mother. You'll know how to look after yourself in the days and weeks after birth and you’ll come away with your own personalised mothermoon plan.

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  • Your postnatal body: what to expect physically and emotionally in the days and weeks after giving birth
  • Your new baby: understanding your new baby and what they need
  • You are what you eat: nutritional needs of a new mother
  • It takes a village: creating your circle of support
  • Creating your own mothermoon plan


  • recipe booklet filled with recipes that are easy to make, delicious and nutritious to ensure you're not just living off biscuits and cups of lukewarm tea
  • goody bag filled with lots of lovely new mum treats


I'm a postnatal doula and passionate promoter of mothermoons. I had two very different postnatal experiences and know first hand the difference that having a ‘mothermoon’ can make on a woman’s recovery after giving birth.

I am an experienced antenatal teacher who has supported hundreds of parents to prepare for birth and early parenthood.

I am also a breastfeeding peer supporter where I provide a listening ear and support that empowers women with the information they need to overcome challenges relating to both breast and bottle feeding. These experiences combine to form a wealth of knowledge about women and their needs in the postnatal period.


Attended the Mothermoon workshop yesterday guided by the lovely and wise Sarah and left feeling much more confident, informed, and excited for what lies ahead! Thank you for your help!

Thank you, thank you! Fantastic session Sarah on Sunday, really helped me gain a better understanding of what expect and how to look after myself and baby in the first 4-6 weeks. Have used the info you have given me and shared with my hubby and parents so they know what to expect and to spread the word amongst family about how the can be of help and not hinder us.

This was a fantastic course which really helped to emphasise the importance of caring for the mum and not just the baby.

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Earlier Event: 28 January
Mothermoon Workshop