Meg's mothermoon story


The newest mothermoon story is from Meg who I met through Takes A Village.

Below she shares what she learned from her first birth and how she treated preparing for the fourth trimester like training for a marathon and created her own village the second time around to give herself the start that she and her baby really deserved.

Why did you decide to plan for a mothermoon?

I didn’t have the birth I was expecting first time around and with the weight of anxiety, expectation and exhaustion on my shoulders I killed myself in the fourth trimester trying to pretend I was fine. So when I got pregnant nine months later with my second I knew I wanted to (and had to!) do it differently.

What did you do to prepare?

I prepared like I was training for a marathon! I threw myself into clearing my fears around birth, cooking roast chickens for bone broth at nine in the morning and getting friends and family on standby to support when Georgia arrived. In short, I really focussed on what I wanted my fourth trimester to be; so not just the birth but life after birth.

How did it actually unfold?

We were home three hours after Georgia was born and from that moment on we indulged in the newborn phase. She slept on us for three months and without crazy plans or expectations we didn’t put pressure on ourselves to stop it before she, or we were ready. Friends and family came over and emptied the dishwasher or put a load of laundry on. My mum would take our eldest out so we could focus on Georgia. And crucially, with all the food prep I did in the nesting phase, I ate really well to nourish my postpartum body.

Finally, first time around, I ignored my health, this time round I focussed on myself and my recovery. I met with physios, yoga teachers and postpartum specialists and slowly built my strength back.

In short, I created my own village around me and it felt amazing!

What difference did having a mothermoon make?

My fourth trimesters were so different and I know I enjoyed my second time more because I really knew that I needed to care for myself to have the energy to care for my kids.

Meg is a qualified reflexologist specialising in hormonal rebalance, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care. Reflexology is an incredible practice, stimulating the body’s own self healing process to rebalance, restore and relax. Unlike other forms of massage reflexology allows you to recline on a chair rather than lie on your stomach; this means you can feed your baby, let your baby sleep on you or just rest in a comfortable position to fall asleep! 

You can contact meg at:
Instagram: reflexologyhouse